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Written by Kate Ludeman, PhD and Eddie Erlandson, MD:




"Whether you work with alpha males or are an alpha yourself, this book helps you change nonproductive behaviors, increase performance and improve your life."
--Marshall Goldsmith

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Radical Change Radical Results
RADICAL CHANGE, RADICAL RESULTS: 7 Actions to Become the Force for Change in Your Organization (May 2003)
"Kate's insight has played a crucial role in developing Dell's executives. Radical Change, Radical Results by Kate & Eddie reveals their coaching secrets."
-- Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO, Dell

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THE CORPORATE MYSTIC: A Guidebook for Visionaries with their Feet on the Ground
(co-author with Gay Hendricks, Bantam, 1997)
"This important book will sweep you into a different level of consciousness – one of a spiritual perspective and feeling –  so necessary in future leadership."
-- Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

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THE WORTH ETHIC: How to Profit from the Changing Values of the New Work Force (Dutton, 1989)
"If we are to be successful in improving productivity and bottom-line results, we would do well to apply the caring principles that Ludeman describes. A practical manual applicable to managers in any corporate environment."
- Shirley Ward, Senior Vice President, Bank of America

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Earn What You're Worth
EARN WHAT YOU'RE WORTH: 4 Steps to a Higher Salary and a Happier Career (Berkley, 1996)
"Kate Ludeman offers four steps to a higher salary and a happier career in this practical handbook. Employees can learn how to redefine themselves and redesign their careers to become more secure, successful and satisfied, even in these tight economic times - and make sure they earn what they're worth."

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Written by Kate Ludeman, PhD, and/or Eddie Erlandson, MD, and articles referencing Worth Ethic:
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  • "The Man Who Saved the Red Sox", Best Life, October 2008
  • "Go for the Gold", Leadership Excellence, June 2008 
  • "Your Brain on Stress: An Unfocused Picture," The New York Times, July 2003
  • "Want Change? First Change Yourself," Executive Excellence, 2003
  • "The (Anti-) Sludge Report," Medical Group Management Association, June 2003
  • "Telling the Truth 24/7," American College of Physician Executives, 2003
  • "CEO Coaches Try to Make Honchos Human," Santa Barbara News-Press, August 2002
  • "The Upside (of Downtime)," Inc., July 2002
  • "Life in the False Lane," Personal Excellence, September 2002
  • "Monsanto: Creating Competitive Advantage Through More Effective Relationships," The Inner Edge, 1998/1999
  • "How to Be A Corporate Mystic," Yoga Journal, 1997
  • "The Last Piece," Across the Board, 1996
  • "Heart at Work," Heart at Work, (McGraw Hill, 1996)
  • "Manage Like a Mystic," Executive Female, 1996
  • "Business and the Mystic," Personal Transformation, 1996
  • "The New Corporate Mystics," The New Leaders, 1996
  • "Beneficial Differences: HR Leaders and their Business Partners," Training & Development, 1996
  • "How Do You Train Managers to Care About Their Employees?," Business Forum, 1990
  • "Turn on Your Heartlight," Executive Excellence, 1989
  • "From Work Ethic to Worth Ethic," The New York Times, 1989
  • "Ensuring Continuous Improvement: Keeping Managers on Track," Quality Digest, 1991
  • "Waving the White Flag," Quality Progress, 1995

  • "When Top Dogs Need Leashes" , BusinessWeek, November 6, 2006
  • "Alpha Male Syndrome: Curb the Belligerence, Channel the Brilliance," SchoolCIO, October 18, 2006
  • "High Testosterone," The Australian Financial Review, October 14, 2006
  • "Are You an Alpha Leader?," The Conference Board Review, October/September 2006  
  • "Me Alpha, you fired," London Times, October 2006
  • "Dealing With Those Alpha Types," New York Times, September 2006
  • "Building a Better Leadership," Austin American-Statesman, August 15, 2005
  • "Taming an Oversize Drive to Be Top Dog,"Los Angeles Times, October 2006 Austin American Statesman, September 2006
  • "The Problems with Masters of the Universe," Financial Times, August 2006
  • "Taming the Alpha Exec," Fast Company, May 2006
  • "Taming the Beast," Harvard Business Review, May 2004

  • 360 FEEDBACK
  • "How to Conduct a Self-Directed 360," Training & Development, July 2000
  • "To Fill the Feedback Void," Training & Development, 1995
  • "Developing Your Own Olympic Champions," Executive Excellence, 1988

  • "Motorola's HR Learns the Value of Teams Firsthand," Personnel Journal, 1995
  • "Using Surveys to Transform Groups Into Teams," Quality Digest, 1994

  • "Physician Engagement and Shared Accountability," Michigan Health and Hospitals, 2003
  • "From Physician Leader to Corporate Physician." The Physician Executive, 2003
  • "Five Powerful Actions You Can Take to Become a Changing Force in Your Healthcare System," Arkansas Hospital Association, 2003
  • "The Unspoken Crisis in Health Care: The Need for Executive Renewal," Michigan Health and Hospitals Magazine,
        September/October 2000

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