Case Study: Team Building

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A global technology company was experiencing significant growth in Asia's emerging markets and the regional team needed to come together to work as a collaborative group.
A variety of cultural and stylistic differences were creating churn that was getting in the way of launching new initiatives with speed and effectiveness.
We started with an online Team Effectiveness survey, as well as individual interviews and self insight assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs and our Alpha Assessment. We identified what unique styles and skills each team member brought to the group.
We facilitated a series of two-day teambuilding sessions at which we presented and discussed the results of our findings. The combination of real time feedback along with collective survey data provided a powerful baseline of the issues and helped the team identify their core challenges.
We then progressed through a series of teambuilding activities, focusing on honing skills related to team effectiveness and giving and receiving feedback. Team members were able to compare results real time with their peers and discuss more openly what they had often thought their teammates needed to do differently. This increased candor created a deeper connection and heightened excitement about the changes that were underway.
A second teambuilding offsite was used to apply the foundational leadership skills developed in the initial session and to review progress over the past six months. We focused on accelerating impact on business goals through improved people leadership and collaboration. The team also identified primary obstacles to the business goals and developed a plan to address them, something they had been unable to do just six months prior.
As a result of the assessment and offsite exercises, over the next six months the team stepped up to a higher level of teaming, demonstrating more effective communication and problem solving, as well as more efficient meetings.
Team members reported significantly higher occurrences of dialogue and collaboration instead of the previous style of reporting and working in silos.
Over the course of twelve months, this regional team demonstrated such dramatic improvement in business growth and revenue that they became the benchmark for other teams in the company's globalization initiatives.


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