Executive Coaches

Eddie Erlandson

President & Executive Consultant


A widely recognized executive coach, speaker and author, Eddie coaches leaders to modify entrenched leadership habits and expand their influence skills. In his 12 years as an executive coach Eddie has consulted with over 50 CEOs and Fortune 500 division presidents and over 300 senior executives and their teams. About half his clients are in high tech and the others span a variety of industries, including consumer products, casual dining, food distribution, professional sports, education, government, military and healthcare. He has worked globally with executives across Europe, Asia and South America. More

Kate Ludeman

Founder & Executive Consultant


A widely recognized executive coach, speaker and author, Kate founded Worth Ethic Corporation in 1988. She and her consultants have assessed and coached over 1,200 senior executives in a wide range of industries located in the US, in all major European and Asian countries, and in many South American countries. A BS in engineering and PhD in psychology give Kate a unique approach when coaching analytical, data-oriented CEOs who want to expand their emotional intelligence but who do not fully value some of the softer leadership capabilities. More

Teresa Szostak

Lisa Upson, J.D.

Lisa is a skilled 360 interviewer who has brought insight to the Worth Ethic executive development processes. She has provided interview and other consulting on over a hundred 360 assessments, since joining Worth Ethic in 2003. Her training in mediation and conflict resolution gives her unique insight into the motivators and challenges in creating team effectiveness. More




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