Case Study: Onboarding

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One of our clients, a $20B services company, needed a new CFO. The current CEO had hired an executive search firm, but wanted to make sure the new CFO was a strong fit for the culture and leadership styles that worked well in the current environment.
Eddie had coached the CEO and executive team, including the departing CFO, and had in-depth experience regarding the company's culture. He used this knowledge to develop search criteria, evaluate the final candidates and develop an on boarding process to ensure the new CFO's integration would be successful.
Eddie used several assessments along with an in-depth interview to evaluate the final set of candidates. He co-interviewed the final candidate with the CEO and uncovered some style challenges that he knew the candidate would need to address.
Eddie then worked with the new CFO to accelerate his speed in becoming effective with his new executive team and within his own organization. Eddie facilitated a session in which the new CFO described his background, leadership style and initial goals for himself, the job and the team.
The CFO's willingness to share with peers and direct reports his individual style risks, particularly his limited abilities in the area of giving and receiving feedback, created a candid and open line of communication.
His commitment to addressing his developing his development areas by setting up a structure with both peers and direct reports showed his willingness to customize his style to accommodate the corporate culture that had proven so effective over the years.
Four months after entering his new role, the CFO completed an early 360 assessment. The data confirmed how quickly he had integrated into the company and the difference he was already making. People commented that it was as if he had been at the company for several years, yet brought a new vision and new energy to the work and the team.


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