Case Study: Alpha Male Coaching

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A technical genius (Jerry) working for a Fortune 50 high tech corporation had been accelerated into a general manager position running a major business segment. His promotion came at a time when the company was ready to launch a new product portfolio and his responsibilities grew from a 2,000-person product development organization to a 10,000-person business.
Jerry was the classic "alpha" leader - priding himself on an intense drive for results, speed and perfection. But in his new role, he quickly came off as a tyrant; an over-demanding, detail-crazed executive who would demolish people publicly, sending them to the local watering hole for support after presenting to him.
Having failed to make changes after working with two different executive coaches, Jerry had lost the confidence of the CEO. Worth Ethic was brought in by the CEO as a final attempt to resolve Jerry's destructive alpha behavior.
We started with a robust 360 assessment, gathering data using interviews focused on people's perception of Jerry's effectiveness in achieving his goals. We collected over 45 pages of narrative comments from peers, direct reports and managers.
Having discussed with Jerry his aversion to psychological and behavioral approaches to executive coaching, we focused on coaching from a physiological perspective. With his medical background, Eddie was able to use a brain mapping approach that addresses the executive brain - the part of the brain that makes decisions, solves problems and drives for results.
Eddie helped Jerry shift toward a more pragmatic and effective style using daily physical work-outs combined with breathing and relaxation methods.
The combination of unarguable feedback from peers, direct reports and managers with the customized tools provided by Eddie gave Jerry the foundation he needed to recognize and then address his limiting behavior patterns.
Jerry then built upon this foundation, working with Eddie to add more effective leadership approaches and eventually pulling his entire team into similar coaching sessions. This allowed Jerry to move out of his vigilant driver role, where he thought it was his job to catch people who were falling short.
Jerry learned to disclose to his team his challenges and intentions and became a consistent inspiration to the team and a leader with strong influencing skills with both peers and direct reports.
Follow-up 360 assessments later demonstrated a significant sustained improvement in behavior; one that people called a "night and day" transformative change, both in Jerry's effectiveness and in their morale and job satisfaction.


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